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Boat Names  1. WE COME TO YOUR BOAT FOR MEASUREMENTS AND TO TAKE PHOTOS OF THE AREA WHERE THE NAME WILL GO.  Lettering below is Super-imposed over boat photo at left  2. NEXT, WE DISCUSS WHAT YOU HAD IN MIND OR WE CAN COME UP WITH A FEW DESIGN IDEAS FOR YOUR NAME.  WE PRICE OUT THE JOB AND A 50% DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED AT THIS TIME.  ONCE BACK AT OUR OFFICE WE WILL CREATE THE DESIGN AND SUPER-IMPOSE THE LETTERS AND GRAPHICS ONTO YOUR BOAT PHOTO AND EMAIL IT TO YOU FOR APPROVAL.  This photo of the boat was taken after the Lettering was installed  3. UPON APPROVAL OF THE FINAL DESIGN, WE WILL CUT AND PREP THE VINYL FOR INSTALLATION.  UNLESS YOUR PRESENCE IS DEMANDED BY THE MARINA OR CLUB WHERE YOU MOOR YOUR BOAT, WE USUALLY INSTALL YOUR LETTERING WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HRS, DEPENDENT ON WEATHER.  VINYL - We use an Industry Standard Vinyl material, which is Custom Cut into the Letters and Shapes you request.  The material has a 6 year half life which, under normal circumstances means it should look as good 6 years from now as it does today.  While there are 68 colors to choose from, We concentrate on a dozen or so main colors including, Black, White, Silver, Gold, Red, (6 variations of) Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple.  Since the Vinyl comes in one color per roll, additional colors are layered on top of one another.  We can not fade a color.  Fading happens when a White Vinyl is sprayed with Color.  While we do have the resoiurces to obtain this material, the half life is normally only 6 - 8 Months.  INSTALLATION - We can install lettering and graphics on any flat surface of your Boat.  Hull, Stern, Windows, Electric Boxes or attached Panels.  Installation charges vary with the size of the area and number of layers.  Boats with “Star board” plastics: (Usually a door that is rough to the feel and was designed to control mold growth) While it is possible to letter onto the Star Board piece, We DO NOT guarantee that the lettering will STAY glued to the area.  We are not responsible for your lettering or graphics peeling or sliding off this area.  Documented Boats - A Documented boat is registered under the Name of the Boat instead of by Registration Numbers: ex: NY #### AB. New York State requires that ALL Documented Boats/Yachts display the name on the Stern, as well as on the Port and Starboard sides of the Boat/Yacht.  A Port is also required on the Stern.  NO LETTERING CAN BE LESS THAN 4” TALL.  If you don’t have the room on your Documented Boat for the name, you MUST PRODUCE a Panel for the letters to display on properly.  SPECIAL - Ask about having your Documented Name engraved on Plastic and Mounted onto your Boat.  Old Name Removal - Vinyl - This is a 3 Step Process:  1. Heating and peeling the old name off your boat.  2. Removal of any additional Adhesives.  3. Prepping the entire area with Acetone.  NOTE: Depending on the age of your Boat, there is always fading that takes place and the old name may leave a darkened area or flat wax area after removal.  Unless you plan on repainting your boat, there’s nothing we can do about this other than create a large background area to hide it.  Most New Names will cover the old area enough not to notice.   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cost for Removal starts at $200.00  Old Name Removal - Paint - This is a 6 Step Process: 1. Spraying Chemicals on the Paint  2. Scrubbing the area, scratching only the Painted surface, not the Hull  3. Removal of the Chemical from the Stern and placed into NYS approved trash receptacle  4. Repeat 1 - 3 as many times as needed  5. Dispose of Chemical soaked items to appropriate refuse area.  6. Prepping the entire boat area with Acetone  NOTE: Same scenario for older Boats         . . . . . . . . . . . Cost for Removal starts at $250.00  CLICK HERE FOR RECENT EXAMPLES OF OUR LETTERING   STYLE OF LETTERS  This is a list of our Most Requested Letter Styles.  Remember, Script lettering is like one long letter. Don't Order a long name for a short door.  All Script Lettering are Upper & Lower Case Only  We have over 1000 typestyles available.  For Custom Lettering not found in our list, Some lettering may invoke Additional Charges #1: Painted Script #2: Brush Script #3: French Script #4: Brooded Script #5: Sport Script #6: Union Block #7: Handle Block #8: Flue Block #9: Dom Block #10: Bratnic Block #11: The Next 5 Styles shown 2 Color w/Outline  Balloon Block #12: Amtype Serif #13: Plant-B Serif #14: Crillee Serif #15: Fancy Serif #16: The Next 5 Styles are shown 2 Color w/Shadow  Jester Serif #17: Quill Serif #18: Rounded Serif #19: Serpentine Serif #20: Serif-Z  If You Would Like an Estimate On Lettering Your Boat, Download the Boat Lettering Form Below.  Fill Out All The Necessary Information and Fax It To: 631-563-9088  We’ll Email You A True Estimate, Including Installation Costs. Trouble Downloading?  Contact us at: jeffquest@aol.com  Remember - A 50% Deposit is required prior to any design of your Boat Name  Boat Dealer Requests

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