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It all started with an empty box. I grew up in East Islip, NY. My Family business was running a Chevrolet Dealership since 1925. I was supposed to be the third generation that would run the Family Business. But less than a year after my College Graduation, the economy took a dive and the 60 year old dealership I had grown up with, was sold. So, having known my entire life where I would live, how I would earn a living, feed my Family, to some day pass on the reins to a fourth generation, retire and die. I suddenly found myself without direction, but not without a dream.During my senior year of High School, I had enrolled in the Advertising Art class at B.O.C.E.S. With time on my hands, I had also joined the Theatre Club at school and was immediately put to work on the Stage Crew. The Music Director, discovering that I had an Artistic background, put me in charge of creating the scenery for the play, "You're a good man, Charlie Brown". There were large re-creations of the Peanuts Gang. There was a central Dog house that not only looked like Snoopy's house; the actor could lay on it without falling off. There was a Tree that dropped its last leaf....on cue. And there was a Box, Friday afternoon. 12" high, 36" long and 24" wide that came with the instruc-tions: "Make this a Piano, see you Monday." When I returned Monday morning, the only thing this "piano" didn't have, was strings.College offered creative opportunities that included a cartoon strip for the College Paper, Signs for upcoming Athletic and Fraternity events, and "fake" Tattoo's drawn directly on the Arms, Chests and faces of co-eds heading to the 50's Party. Talk about being "creative" on tthe spot! Post College, and the reality of my entire world changing around me, meant finding classes that would help me learn more about Advertising... by doing. Graduating from Television Production School and The Connecticut School of Broadcasting gave me the knowledge of how to advertise well on Radio and in Video. Classes at the New York School of Visual Arts would intensify my creativity.For the next ten years, I would have opportunities to create hand painted signs, lettering, and caricatures for friends, the Company's I worked for, and a few local establishments. As a Grumman Employee, part of my time was spent in the Documentation area where it was decided by Navy Personnel that they'd rather see my hand drawn and lettered diagrams and charts vs. anything the Computer could print.I had made so many signs for people that when an opportunity arose to become a Franchised Sign Shop owner, I jumped at the chance, and ran the Speedy Sign-A-Rama in Bohemia from 1988 to 1990. Over those 2 years, I created one-of-a-kind signs, developed original Logos for some very recognizable corporations, and even impressed other sign people who had spent years in the business. However, the life of a franchised store owner is like working for someone else, with one exception... you're paying them, instead of the other way around. When the franchise fees overwhelmed the profits, it was time to move on.Design is my passion. I didn't move out of the sign business, I just went... smaller. I would make signs on Paper. I took a job working for a new Magazine; Boats 4 Sale, which was a monthly Long Island list of avail-able boats from both Dealers and Private Owners as well as boat resource companies looking to advertise. Unlike the other Salespeople, who were merely order takers, I was able to design an original ad in front of the store owner and make the sale. My territory eventually grew to all of Suffolk County until internal problems forced me to leave the magazine. I worked at North Shore Today for a few years, doing exactly what I had done at Boats for Sale. But a life threatening illness forced me to be bedridden for 2 weeks and my client list was given away to other salespeople in my absence, never to be given back and forcing me to start over as if I was suddenly a new hire. I would take on 2 other jobs at this point, which meant selling Ads in the day, Life Insurance at night, and twice a week as a DJ on a Hampton Bays Radio Station. Boats 4 Sale requested I come back to fix a problem with a "less than honest" Salesman. (One of 2 who had been hired to replace me when I had left) This time, I was back as not only a Sales Rep with over 150 clients, I designed well over 45 new ads per month, including a comic strip for a client of another rep, I also took an active part in learning all about how the ads got printed and the book was published. In addition, I spent over five years developing friendships in the Boating Industry within my territory. I would once again leave Boats for Sale, this time for good, to try my hand at Advertising Sales for a New York City Rep Company, who put me in charge of 15 separate magazines with a territory that spanned 8 states in New England. But you have to like commuting to the City everyday to sit in a cold office and make phone calls, which I didn't, and so I took a job as a sales rep at Suffolk Life.In 2000, I was offered the newly created position of Advertising/Public Relations Manager at Islander Boat Center. Now, I was on the other side of the Ad Sales gig. I quickly started creating ads, internal forms, Post Cards, and Boat Sheets for Boat Shows. I introduced the company to my old friend from my Speedy Sign-A-Rama days: The Vinyl cutter. Soon, I was making better signs and lettering Boat Names in-House. I would also pick up another skill.... Webmaster. I started creating the web page for Islander. However, despite helping Islander to become the #2 dealer on Long Island, I found it necessary to leave after 9 years to once again pursue my dream of business ownership.It would be simple. Offer all the things I had learned all my life, all the schooling and the exper-iences, and offer them to everyone and anyone who wanted a full time Advertising/Marketing Manager, but only needed them part time. So I created the JEFFQUEST NETWORK. I'm the Sole Employee, Chief cook and Bottle washer, but I get the job done, and I get it done for Companies like Yours.